About Us

Our providers and staff pride themselves on creating a warm, welcoming environment that fosters healing at every stage of the road to recovery, especially during the difficult early stages of opiate withdrawal. We take the time to personally connect with our patients, gain a complete understanding of their history, and develop recovery programs that work on an individual level. Our goal is to provide our patients with the education and empowerment needed to overcome the grips of addiction. Dig into more about us to find out how we go about

About our history

      Equinox Clinics LLC is an Oregon-based medical practice that was started to address a need. Oregon is currently experiencing an epidemic of addiction. This epidemic is affecting people of all walks of life and across all socioeconomic levels. People are dying, families are being torn apart, jobs and careers are lost, and there is no end in sight.

Here in Oregon…

      There is a need for a comprehensive, evidence based, outpatient approach to helping individuals struggling with addiction.  The predominant view of addiction is often that it is moral weakness that leads people to start using substances that ultimately spirals out of control. The truth is, addiction is a disease, no different than any other chronic medical condition.


Here to help

      The patient is the focus of the multi-faceted treatment plan that combines medication assisted treatment and behavioral therapy to help address opioid use disorder. For a patient addicted to opioids it is critical to address signs and symptoms of cravings and withdrawal. This is important so that the patient can return to feeling normal again and not battle cravings and withdrawal symptoms while trying to achieve recovery.

 Ready for Management…

      Once these symptoms are controlled, the patient can fully engage in the behavioral (counseling, 12-step facilitation, group therapy) aspects of treatment that are proven to help maintain a long, lasting recovery. Our Addiction Medicine providers are trained in evidence based medication assisted treatment and counseling in order to provide a structured outpatient treatment plan to achieve lasting recovery.

We provide Treatment

We use science-based protocols that have been proven effective in helping attain sobriety and then sustain recovery. Read more about us or click on the tags below to learn about our supports.

Help us help you

We understand addiction can take its toll on the quality of someone’s life – both physically and emotionally. Our entire staff of dedicated professionals are all here to support you every step of the way in your recovery. We don’t believe in placing blame on anyone for the disease of addiction.

Our Vision…

There are no judgments, as perfection doesn’t exist in this life. There is no room for guilt, as our focus is on healing, moving forward, each small and large step at a time. We believe you are worth recovery and want to assist you in this process of healing. Helping you re-focus your energy on the most important task at hand, which is getting back to living a happy and healthy lifestyle in a positive environment. Continue reading to learn more about us and our practice!

What can we do to help you?

Call during our operational hours to speak with our personnel, we look forward to helping you find productive methods to complete your treatment!